Himalayan Paradise

From the moment I set eyes on the Indian Himalayas, I knew it was going to be a spectacular trip. Paradise beckoned with uncountable snow capped peaks towering into the sky, flourishing green valleys and barren mountain sides. Being surrounded by so much natural beauty never got old and I could have spent my entire trip just staring at never-ending mountainous horizons.

Agra and the Beautiful Taj Mahal

Visiting Agra was an unforgettable, magical experience and it was definitely a highlight from my time in India. Despite the Taj Mahal being partially under scaffolding when I visited, the grandeur and symmetrywas spectacular. Adding the Taj Mahal to any itinerary needs no explanation, but including a few nights stay in Agra might start to... Continue Reading →

Udaipur: a romantic lakeside city

Built around a man-made lake and surrounded by beautiful green hills, Udaipur is a small lakeside city with massive character and amazing scenery. You only have to spend five minutes here to see why it's described as India's most romantic place. After every corner, you're left scrambling for your camera and at times you forget... Continue Reading →

Chaotic Delhi

From the moment the plane's wheels hit the tarmac, I knew Delhi was going to be unforgettable. From getting conned and ripped off, to the constant noise of horns and traffic, Delhi was a chaotic and stressful experience. The juxtaposition between rich and poor was also astonishing, with the homeless lining the side walks next... Continue Reading →

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