8 Must-See Places in Vietnam

Vietnam has often been a favourite on backpacker’s itineraries and it’s easy to see why. First and foremost, it’s incredibly cheap and you can live extremely well on a budget. We ate out for every meal, went on numerous day trips and stayed in awesome hostels - all for around £30 a day! Price shouldn’t... Continue Reading →

Hectic Ho Chi Minh

Chaos prevails in Ho Chi Minh City. Gridlocked traffic is a way of life, pavements are packed with people and motorbikes constantly use them as a shortcut. If this hasn’t convinced you to visit, let me try again. The scars from the Vietnamese-American war are very fresh and the brutality of war is evident everywhere... Continue Reading →

A Few Days in the Delta

An endearing floating market, picturesque islands and exotic fruit farms are all on the agenda in the stunning Mekong Delta. Our two day tour along the Mekong river was our highlight from our time in Ho Chi Minh City. The tour took us to the two main towns in the Delta, My Tho and Can... Continue Reading →

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