Magical Mui Ne

Golden sand beaches stretch endlessly into the horizon, fishing boats line the brilliant blue waters, and the only sound is the lapping of the waves. With a small unimpressive town centre and few tourist attractions, Mui Ne hasn’t got much of a pull for tourists. But its chilled out vibe and beautiful beaches will be... Continue Reading →

Rural Battambang

Battambang won our hearts; love at first sight you could say. Maybe it was the clean country air, the beautiful green countryside and the friendly locals. Or maybe it was just the part of Cambodia than felt most Cambodian. Sure there were some annoying tuk tuk drivers, high-rise hotels and overpriced western restaurants. But life... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country rich in cultural sites and areas of outstanding natural beauty. Driving a matter of hours, the landscape completely changes from dry dusty land to green tea plantations. Beaches give way to endless forests; flat planes change to mountainous horizons; Buddhist temples make way for numerous world heritage sites. During my... Continue Reading →

Sri Lankan Village Experience 

Visiting a local village and discovering how Lankan locals live was an eye-opening and intriguing experience. From using traditional modes of transport to cooking up a staple dish, we really got to see how rural life used to be, and still is in many regions.  Traditional Transport We were taken to the river by a Ox-drawn... Continue Reading →

Conquering Adam’s Peak

Nothing quite compares to conquering a mountain in darkness and watching dawn arrive at the summit. Adam's Peak is the tallest point in Sri Lanka, making it a challenging hike - especially as you tackle it in pitch blackness. It was a magical experience and although fog marred the views at the top, the clouds... Continue Reading →

Himalayan Paradise

From the moment I set eyes on the Indian Himalayas, I knew it was going to be a spectacular trip. Paradise beckoned with uncountable snow capped peaks towering into the sky, flourishing green valleys and barren mountain sides. Being surrounded by so much natural beauty never got old and I could have spent my entire trip just staring at never-ending mountainous horizons.

Agra and the Beautiful Taj Mahal

Visiting Agra was an unforgettable, magical experience and it was definitely a highlight from my time in India. Despite the Taj Mahal being partially under scaffolding when I visited, the grandeur and symmetrywas spectacular. Adding the Taj Mahal to any itinerary needs no explanation, but including a few nights stay in Agra might start to... Continue Reading →

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