🇦🇪 My adventure starts in Dubai, visiting Tom and Matt for a week full of beer related activities and the occasional tourist attraction.

🇮🇳 Then I head off to India for a month. I slightly overlooked the fact it’s monsoon season, so I’m going to quickly do the Golden Triangle and then head up to the Himalayas to try and escape the rain (and of course see the mountains).

🇱🇰 My parents then meet me in Sri Lanka for a two-week highlights tour, including tea plantations, mountain treks, surfing and dolphin watching.

🇹🇭 Then onto Bangkok, where Becci will join me! We pretty much immediately cross into Cambodia and travel straight across, stopping off on the way to see numerous temples and of course sample some Cambodian food.

🇻🇳 Vietnam is our next stop and we travel up the coast on slow trains, all the way from HCMC to Ha Long Bay, stopping regularly to take in the sights and relax on numerous beaches. We’ll also make a stop off in the picturesque hill stations.

🇹🇭 To save many hours on uncomfortable bus rides, we fly to Chang Rai at the top of Thailand. We’ll then work our way down to Bangkok, stopping off to see sights on the way. We’ll then go down to Thailand’s famous islands, where we’ll spend a few weeks island hopping, chasing parties, scuba diving spots and empty beaches.

🇲🇾+🇧🇳 After a brief stop in Kuala Lumpar, we’ll then spend two weeks exploring Borneo where we’ll scuba dive, climb Mount Kinabalu and go jungle trekking.

🇮🇩 Indonesia is the next stop, where we’ll spend a couple of weeks exploring Bali and Gili Trawangan, where we’ll surf, scuba dive and eat Nasi Goreng at every opportunity.

🇦🇺 Then we’ll fly to Australia around Christmas time, getting to live out my dream of having a barbeque on the beach on Christmas day. Flying into Cairns, we’ll slowly work our way down the East coast heading towards Melbourne. Becci’s also bought me a skydiving experience so I cannot wait for that.

🇳🇿 Finally, we’ll end up in New Zealand where we’ll have a 3 or 4 months to explore and work (if my money stops growing on trees). The plan is to get a camper van and explore both islands, but we’ll have to see how our money is going.

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