Beach Parties and Hungover Days in Ko Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi is by no means Thailand’s hidden secret, but what it lacks for in serenity, it certainly makes up for in parties.

Phi Phi is known by all as the party island and you can easily spend your entire visit drinking buckets, dancing on the beach and enjoying free shots.

You shouldn’t spend all day nursing a hangover, though, as Phi Phi is great fun to explore and ideal for chilling out on the beach. There’s numerous walks to viewpoints and excellent snorkelling trips.

Beach Parties

This was by far our favourite island to party on. The main reason – the dance floor is the beach! This is especially brilliant when it’s high tide, as you end up dancing in the water.

As soon as the sun goes down, the beach explodes into a array of colours. Fluorescent bands are handed out, locals paint your face and fire breathers light up the night sky.

You can also show off your coordination skills with giant skipping ropes. This turns out to be magnificent entertainment, as hordes of drunk people fail miserably and get taken out by the rope.

Another highlight of the beach parties is the free shots. The majority of bars hand them out to draw people in, but they are unlimited and they don’t mind you having as many as you can. Combined with the famous Thai buckets, every time we went out we ended up paying for it the next day.

Although dealing drugs can be a capital punishment in Thailand, we were offered them all the time. At our regular bar, Slinky’s, workers slide a whole printed menu of drugs under our noses. Every drug imaginable was listed with its cost. Needless to say we didn’t have any, but we found it hilarious how blatant they were. To top it off, they wore bright yellow jackets!

Asides from this, the parties were incredible and they were well worth the hangovers.

Snorkelling Tour

Packed full of fun and varied activities, the snorkelling tour was well worth the 400 bhat (£9).

Admittedly the tour didn’t get off to the best start. We stopped at Monkey Bay, which was basically a beach full of monkeys. This might sound great, but they definitely weren’t the cute and cuddly variety. They were super aggressive and would pounce on tourists, trying to get food. During the 10 minutes we spent on the beach, we saw two people get bitten.

Afterwards we went for a brilliant snorkel at the national marine park, Ko Phi Phi Le. There were so many fish and they were all really different. You could dive down to over 5 meters, so Becci and I practised out best nemo impressions.

One of the main tourist attractions of the marine park is seeing the bay where they filmed The Beach. We were slightly disappointed with this, as it was full of tourists boats and the beach itself was packed. You also had to pay a park fee to just walk on the beach, which cost as much as the tour itself (400 bhat)! We refused to pay, so we opted to sit on the boat instead. This turned out to be a brilliant decision, as we were lucky enough to see baby black tip sharks!

After watching the sunset, we once again put on our snorkelling gear and jumped in the water. This time it was to see luminous plankton! By waving around your hands underwater, the plankton light up as a warning to predators. For us humans it was awesome to see, as the black ocean was momentarily filled with colourful specs.

Viewpoint Exploring

Sweating out the alcohol before doing it all over again is a ritual in Phi Phi – and sweat you will!

There’s three viewpoints to explore in total, all offering slightly different angles of the island. Viewpoint Two was our favourite, as it offered a magnificent vista of the bay.

Reaching it is no easy feat, though, as there are countless steps you have to climb in the sweltering heat. After a long night partying, this is a lot harder then it sounds!

Phi Phi Centre

One of the main draws to Phi Phi is the pedestrianised streets. This means bars, restaurants and shops all spill out onto the small pathways, giving the streets a great buzz at anytime of day.

We definitely spent times exploring new streets by accident, as there were so many similar looking alleyways.


Okay, so we cheated in Phi Phi. Instead of staying in a hostel (and not getting much sleep), we opted to treat ourselves to a stay in Papaya Phi Phi Resort. For the two of us, it didn’t work out too much more than a hostel and it was definitely worth it.

We got upgraded to a large family room, as they had no other space available. It was super spacious and it felt like a five star luxury hotel after staying in hostels for so long.

Hilariously, we had to ensure the balcony door was locked, as the monkeys were accustomed to going into the room and drinking the beer out of the mini-fridges!

Should I Go to Phi Phi and have the Time of my Life?


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