9 Not-So-Obvious Travel Tips

After travelling for 11 months, I’ve learnt a few tricks along the way. The tips listed below are invaluable to me and are largely used on a daily basis.

Maps Me

If you’ve never heard of this app, stop what you’re doing and download it. Maps Me allows you to download maps for countries or specific areas. It then uses your phone’s GPS to help you navigate around. Best of all, it doesn’t use any data!

Deck of Cards

These are essential for every traveler. Whether over a beer or whilst waiting for a bus, they’re a great way to pass a few hours. What’s better, you can play hundreds of games with just one deck (although we’ll normally just play Shithead).

Pen Knife

Admittedly the most used tool on mine is the bottle opener, but I have used it on countless other occasions to cut things open, create makeshift cereal bowls or open tins.

XE Currency App

Another useful app to download, XE quickly tells you the conversion rate for up to 10 countries at once. This is very useful in places such as Indonesia, where a beer costs you 35,000 rupiah.

SIM Card

I’m not the kind of person to travel half way around the world and sit on my phone all day, but this isn’t why I’m suggesting to get a SIM card. You should get one because you save time and money. On endless occasions, I’ve booked taxis, researched destinations, found cheap eats on TripAdvisor and made reservations.

We didn’t get a SIM card in Australia and consequently we ended up getting a parking ticket whilst trying to get WiFi!

Settle Up

If you’re travelling with someone else, this App is invaluable. Instead of splitting every bill, just put the amount on Settle Up and it’ll do the hard work. You can then take it in turns paying and you don’t have to worry about halving the bill every time.

Buy a Snorkel and Mask

This suggestion is subjective to where you’re travelling to, but having a snorkel on hand is invaluable. The cost of buying one pays for itself after a few uses and I love being able to jump in the ocean wherever and whenever I want.

Sports Bottle

You’re not only helping the planet by not wasting plastic, but you can also save money. I’ve found many counties and hostels now have water fountains or coolers where you can fill up.

Take Pictures of Everything

From receipts to itineraries, WiFi codes to notice boards, if it’s important information take a photo and it’ll be sure to come in useful.

Hopefully these hacks help and take some of the stress out of your travels! Comment below if you have any of your own tips.

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