8 Must-See Places in Vietnam

Vietnam has often been a favourite on backpacker’s itineraries and it’s easy to see why.

First and foremost, it’s incredibly cheap and you can live extremely well on a budget. We ate out for every meal, went on numerous day trips and stayed in awesome hostels – all for around £30 a day!

Price shouldn’t be the only reason to visit, as Vietnam is rich in history, the food is incredible, it has endless beaches and there are uncountable places to visit.

Whether your heading north or south through Vietnam, here’s my guide on the top places to see in this spectacular country.

Ho Chi Minh City

Chaos prevails in Ho Chi Minh City. Gridlocked traffic is a way of life, pavements are packed with people and motorbikes constantly use them as a shortcut.

If you can deal with the chaos, there are enlightening war museums to visit, multiple sky bars, an excellent variety of restaurants and historic temples to explore.

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Mekong Delta

An endearing floating market, picturesque islands and exotic fruit farms are all on the agenda in the stunning Mekong Delta.

Be sure to plan at least a few days in the Delta, as there’s so much to explore and it’s a great place to experience Vietnamese life.

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Mui Ne

Golden sand beaches stretch endlessly into the horizon, fishing boats line the brilliant blue waters, and the only sound is the lapping of the waves.

With a small unimpressive town centre and few tourist attractions, Mui Ne hasn’t got much of a pull for tourists. But it’s chilled out vibe and beautiful beaches will be sure to win you over.

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Nha Trang

We met a lot of travellers telling us not to visit Nha Trang, but they were all wrong. We had a brilliant few days snorkelling at Mun Islands, exploring the beautiful Ba Ho Waterfalls and relaxing on golden sand beaches.

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Hoi An

Colour is in abundance in Hoi An: yellow historic buildings, bright candle-lit lanterns, green herb gardens and shaded leafy lanes. We immediately fell in love with the laid-back atmosphere, the friendly locals and the beautiful buildings.

Hoi An is ideal for lazy beach days, cooking classes, binges on cheap beer, or just a walk around the endearing old town.

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Hoi Van Pass

Whilst in Hoi An, be sure to rent a motorbike and head out to the Hoi Van Pass. With spectacular views, challenging winding roads and numerous tourists attractions along the way, it’s easy to see why this ride is so popular.

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The relaxed pace of living and spectacular landscapes, combined with the vast array of activities available, makes Sapa an unmissable destination.

Whether you like trekking, exploring on motorbikes or just relaxing in stunning surroundings, Sapa is the place to go. You’ll be rewarded with unbelievable views of luscious green rice paddies and mountainous landscapes.

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Cat Ba Island and Lan Ha Bay

Thousands of magnificent limestone formations, countless picturesque bays, clear turquoise waters and charming floating fishing villages are all on the agenda in Lan Ha Bay. No trip to Vietnam is complete without visiting this famous world heritage site and it’s definitely worth the hype.

Our base for exploring was the picturesque Cat Ba island. This turned into an adventure in itself, with incredible viewpoints to hike to and war ruins to look around.

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