A Few Days in the Delta

An endearing floating market, picturesque islands and exotic fruit farms are all on the agenda in the stunning Mekong Delta.

Our two day tour along the Mekong river was our highlight from our time in Ho Chi Minh City. The tour took us to the two main towns in the Delta, My Tho and Can Tho. It should be renamed the eating tour, as we were constantly offered free samples and ate enormous meals.

We booked through An Travel and our hilarious tour guide, Mr Pa (which he pronounces Mr paaaaaaa) made the trip. He referred to everyone as “my love, my darling honey”, which had us in stitches every time.

Day 1

The tour started with a long bus journey to My Tho, with one short break at a temple. Once we arrived, we jumped straight on a boat to Unicorn Island. Unfortunately there were no unicorns, but we did sample some local fresh fruit whilst listening to traditional music. Afterwards we went on a horse and cart ride up and down the same road, which was slightly pointless and cruel to the horses. We then went on a very relaxing boat trip down the river, where we even got to wear traditional Vietnamese hats.

The jam packed agenda continued as we took a rowing boat down the river to a coconut sweet factory. We got to see the candy being made and even got to try some. Although it looked amazing, we both found it disgusting!

Our last stop before lunch was at a honey factory, where we sampled many sweet delights and were introduced to the workers – the bees!

After lunch, we watched some crocodile fishing. Tourists were able to buy a stick with a hung of meat attached to tease the crocodiles with. It seemed a cruel sport so we didn’t participate, but the crocodiles always outwitted the tourists and at least they were getting a delicious meal.

Our home for the night was Can Tho. We walked around a night market and then did what all good travellers do: consulted Tripadvisor for the best place to eat.

Day 2

Our second day started very early, as we visited the floating market. Boats bumped into us, tied on and then sold us their fresh produce or drinks. We tried a pineapple and it was the sweetest, most amazing one we’ve ever tasted.

Next on the agenda was a quick stop at a local shop, where we were coerced into trying some fried frogs legs. Yum!

Afterwards we went to my favourite stop – the exotic fruit village. We were taught all about the many varieties of tropical fruit trees and the tour finished with a fresh mixed bowl of fruits – delicious!

Our last visit was to a rice noodle factory. The owner showed us around and taught up about how they make the noodles, even letting us have a go. The tour finished by trying some fried rice noodle pizza, which was a brilliant end to our time in the Mekong Delta.

If you’re ever visiting Vietnam, be sure to allow at least a day in the Delta. It’s a really amazing place to relax and you get to experience a completely different side to the country.

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