Nha Trang – Unexpected Paradise

We met a lot of travellers telling us not to visit Nha Trang; this is why they’re wrong.

Snorkelling at Mun Islands

The snorkelling around Nha Trang was incredible. We went on a trip to Mun islands, where we dived over beautiful coral reefs and saw uncountable species of fish in the crystal clear waters.

In between dives, we sunbathed on the top deck and enjoyed the amazing scenery of the picturesque islands.

The lunch was also delicious. We were ravenous after a morning of exercise, so we were ecstatic to come back after our second dive to a table filled with food. I don’t know how we didn’t sink on our last dive!

We booked the tour through Mojzo Hostel, but all of the local tour companies offer similar packages.

Ba Ho Waterfalls

Located 27km from Nha Trang, Ba Ho waterfalls make for a great half day trip. The falls offer amazing scenery and are a great place to relax.

The first fall was easily accessible, but the second and third had us climbing metal rungs up rock faces, squeezing through small gaps and jumping across boulders. Although the first waterfall was the largest and most impressive, the other two were well worth the excursion. They were a lot less crowded and the walk was challenging but great fun.

The waterfalls also had small pools at the bottom, which were perfect to cool down in. The only downside was the water being filled with tiny fish, which liked to nibble all your dead skin. Having them on your feet is one thing, but when they get you everywhere, it’s an unpleasant experience!

Municipal Beach

The main beach in Nha Trang stretches all the way along the waterfront. It’s clean sand and beautiful water make it a great place to relax within the city. There’s numerous restaurants and bars along the beach, making it a great place to chill for a few hours.

Mojzo Dorm Hostel

You need no other reason to want to stay here other than free beer! Between 5pm and 6pm everyday, you can drink as much beer as you can. This was a great way to meet other travellers and who doesn’t love free beer?

They also had a family dinner every night, where there was a wide variety of local dishes to try. Best of all, it only cost 70,000VND (£2.30)!


It’s true that a bizarre amount of Russian tourists stay in Nha Trang, so the town lacks genuine Vietnamese charm. It’s also true there’s not loads to do (apart from the few things mentioned in this post). But it is a great stopover if travelling along the Vietnamese coast. We had a memorable few days in Nha Trang and our best advice would be to ignore everyone and try it for yourselves!

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