Magical Mui Ne

Golden sand beaches stretch endlessly into the horizon, fishing boats line the brilliant blue waters, and the only sound is the lapping of the waves.

With a small unimpressive town centre and few tourist attractions, Mui Ne hasn’t got much of a pull for tourists. But its chilled out vibe and beautiful beaches will be sure to win you over.

Mui Ne is often a brief stopover for travellers, to break up the long journey between North and South Vietnam, but we highly recommend staying for a few days.

What is there to do?

Mui Ne’s beaches are magical and endless. We spent many hours just walking and enjoying the continuous sand to ourselves. Our favourite was definitely Longson beach (maybe because our hostel backed onto it), as the sand stretched as far as you could see both ways. It was largely unspoilt with very few hotels and the busiest it got was with fishermen.

Asides from relaxing on the beach (which you should spend most of your time doing), there’s a few attractions which are definitely worth visiting. Our hostel, Longson Mui Ne, organised a tour encompassing all of the local tourist spots. It started at the unsightly time of 5am to try and catch sunrise, which we ended up missing – don’t ask!

The highlight of the tour was definitely the Fairy Stream, where you walk down a river to discover vibrant red sand and magnificent rock formations. We started off by going along a muddy path, which then abruptly stopped. Confused, we asked a nearby shop owner and to our delight she told us to walk through the water. Although it was still early in the day, the temperature was almost unbearable, so the coolness of the water was very welcome. After several minutes, the green vegetation made way for piles of red sand and large cliffs. The vibrant colours were great for photographs, but the only difficulty was getting one without tourists in!

Also on the agenda is a visit to a fisherman’s village. In reality it’s actually a beach, but it’s still great fun to visit. Women were bent over buckets full of fish and crustaceans sorting out their catch. What couldn’t be sold was discarded on the beach, making for a crunchy and pungent smelling walk. They were all more than happy to have their photographs taken and offered warm smiles when you passed by.

There’s also two large sand dunes you visit, “creatively” called red dunes and white dunes. We were fairly unimpressed by both of them, as they were packed with tourists and we’ve both seen much larger. The white dunes were also spoilt by quad bikes racing by at breakneck speeds, ferrying lazy tourists to the top. Despite this, the view was still worth the trip and you could try sand boarding if you desired.

Best place to stay?

We couldn’t recommend Longson Mui Ne campground enough. Situated right on the beach, the location was perfect. It was like staying in a cool beach bar, with great music and a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant/bar area overlooked the beach, so you can enjoy their great value food and drink menu whilst watching the ebbing of the tide.

They also have entertainment most days. We participated in the sand castle competition and although we didn’t win, we were fairly pleased with our efforts. We decided to show our immaturity and build a massive penis. Becci added some creative flair by using black wire as pubic hair and crabs for… well, you know, crabs!

Mui Ne survival guide

  • Pack tons of bug spray and apply it a million times a day. Becci forgot to reapply it after going into the sea and she still has the sandfly bites now (they just won’t go away!)
  • Don’t hire a motorbike! The police stop and fine tourists for no reason at all.
  • Eat at the food court at Dong Vui Square. There’s several stalls selling a variety of cuisines, so you’ll be sure to find something you like.

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